About Orthodox Faith

About Orthodox Faith

Orthodox Christianity is not a religion, an institution or an organization. It is, to the contrary, the way of life initiated by Jesus Christ and a living organism composed of those who believe in Him.

The wordorthodox originated from Greek orthodoxos - orthos which means "right", "true" + doxa, which means "praise", related to dokein, "to think." In other word, orthodoxy - is understanding and praising God the right way.

Orthodox Christians profess belief in one God, who is revealed in three persons - The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our faith is firmly rooted in Holy Scripture and the experience of Apostolic Tradition, which has been handed down through the ages.

Nothing has been added to our faith and nothing can be added. It is complete.

Holy Tradition

Holy Tradition is composed of those things which are essential to the life and salvation of God's People. It should never be confused with the various traditions and customs often associated with Orthodox Christianity.

Holy Tradition is:

  • The ongoing life of God's People
  • The total experience of the Church as it has been passed on or given over to us from the time of Christ and the Apostles
  • The very life of the Church itself as it is inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit

Holy Scripture

Is the foremost product of Holy Tradition. We believe that Holy Scriptures:

  • Are the Word of God
  • Were written by men who were inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Are the very self-revelation of God Himself

The Bible is a collection of books written and complied over thousands of years by many different people.

  • The Old Testament records God's revelation prior to the coming of Jesus Christ
  • The New Testament completes God's revelation by proclaiming Jesus Christ as the Savior of all.
  • The Scriptures were produced by and for the Church.

The Creed

We proclaim our belief and faith in God through THE NICENE-CONSTANTINOPOLITAN CREED which is:

  • an affirmation or our personal faith as Orthodox Christians
  • the public proclamation of God's Truth and the living experience of His People, the Church; and
  • an expression of all that has been revealed to us by God through Holy Scripture, Holy Tradition, and Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
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Source: OUR FAITH by Father John Matusiak