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St. Nicholas Day Concert Wednesday, December 6, 2017 @ 7pm

On Wednesday, December 6, St. Mark Church community will host the famous Konevets Quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia. This special program will include Christmas Carols (Kolyadki):Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish, German, French, and English.

The quartet singers perform as musical ambassadors of the Konevets Monastery. Part of their revenue goes towards the restoration of the Monastery, which suffered catastrophic damage during the Soviet era.

Tickets are on sale: $20:00 (Children free), $25.00 at the door.
Reserve your seat earlier!


Saturday, January 27th

Anyone who would like to be part of the Organizational Crew, Please see either Michael Windters or Willalrd Brown.

REVIVING the SCRIP program

  As we prepare for the upcoming holidays, this is the perfect way for EVERYONE to support the church. No selling, no extra spending!

Go to to find out HOW this program works. There's a phone number 1-864-886-9701.

Visit a List of Retailers page at

Have more questions? Diane Mitrovich may be able to help you since we've done this before.
We all eat, some eat out, some get gasoline and auto care. Some travel, give gifts, go to movie theaters. Please consider this way of shopping for food, clothes, and much more! God bless you!

St. Mark Church Anniversary T-Shirts

St Mark Anniversary T-shirts are available for $10/each.

St. Mark church t-shirt

St. Mark Anniversary T-shirts with a new church logo designed by Michael Winters.

Wearing our church t-shirts during various social events and volunteer services will give you a sense of team work and can be a unique way to share a story about your Church and your Faith.

Church New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions – importance to deepen Parish commitment in order to keep people operating with focus on Christ.

Values for our Parish

  • Caring & Compassion
  • Team work & Trust
  • Mutual Respect & Recognition
  • Humility & Service
  • Financial Responsibility & Christian Behaviour

Liturgical life

Increase participation at services

Be on time – later than the Epistle Reading refrain from communion

Be Attentive!  - time to stand during the Peace(s), the Gospel, Anaphora, Consecration until the Chalice is returned to the table of Oblation.

Candle Courtesy – Please be aware of dripping on the floor and carpet

Coffee Time – Set up to be done during the reading of the Post Communion Prayers – quietly.  It’s not a contest: no need to "out do" another person. Please be sure to put up the Screens – helps to keep food and drink out of the Nave.
Also means to clean up – includes taking out the garbage.

Confession – this is not something that is optional.  I am aware that some have not gone to confession in a while. How many people have not seen their doctor in the last year?  During this upcoming Advent, I will be paying special attention to this as it is part of your commitment to this parish as signed in your stewardship agreement.  I will approach those who I know have not been to confession during the last Lenten period, if I do not see you during the advent season.

Communion – hands across your chest. Open wide. Offer to Prosphora to those who are guests or did not go to communion. 

Before "the Doors…" – clergy greet each other with a kiss. Well so should you or at least a smile and handshake, if that's uncomfortable for you.

"Not Of This World" Album by L. Ivanova

This album of the famous Orthodox photographer Ludmila Ivanova is the second edition of the photo documentaries on the topic "God and Man" that the artist has explored throughout her life as a professional photographer for more than twenty years. In the image of Orthodox Russia emerging from a variety of protraits of our contemporaries there is no gloss or cheap popular print, but there is spititual depth.

Almost every photograph has a little backgroun story written in English and Russian.

The album is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of t he return of the wonderworking icon of the Mother of God of Tikhvin/

The book is available for a donation of $30.00 to benefit our chruch.

Ask Vera.

Celebrating 35th Anniversary of our church

 Dear members and friends of St. Mark Orthodox church!
With joy and happiness we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of our church!
We give thanks to the Lord for His grace in preserving our church community and enabling us to celebrate this event.
Memory eternal to those members who have done so much for our church and who have departed into eternity. We pray for them as our expression of thanks and love.
May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless our church community!
Congratulations and warmest regards to all!

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