Monasteries and Churches of Montenegro


Churches of Petrovac

In a small resort village Petrovac on the Adriatic coast there are several churches. One of them is the Church of the St. Nelelya. It is situated in the island of St. Nelelya, one kilometer from the beach and because it can be reached only by boat, the service is performed there quite seldom. It is said that the church was built by a sailor who was shipwrecked and escaped to the island.

St. Nelelya - is the name of a saint woman, an icon which can be found in other church in the town of Petrovac - the Church of Elijah the Prophet, in which one can see well-preserved XVth-century icons.
The church stays open all day until late at night with no protection and attendants. You can freely enter the church, leave money for candles and pray at any time during the day.

Churches of Podgoritsa

Podgorica - is the "unofficial" capital of Montenegro and is the largest city in the country. There are two churches that attract the tourists’ attention. One of them is the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, and the other is St. Georgee Church which was built in the IX century. The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ- is a grand 34-meter building comparable with the Temple of Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow and can accommodate 5000 people. 14 bells for the bell tower were cast in Voronezh (Russia), and the walls of the temple (upper part) are painted by Russian iconographers. It is still under construction. Cathedral includes two levels: the upper and the lower, the construction of which is already completed.



Church of St. George - one of the oldest churches, was built in the IX-XI centuries. In the church   we can see very old frescoes and a newly built iconostasis. .