Monasteries and Churches of Montenegro

The Rezhevichi Monastery

The Rezhevichi monastery is located near the  small coastal town of Petrovac, where we stopped. When we saw a wooden sign "Rezevici  3.5 km” with a cross and an arrow showing the top on it, we guessed that this is definitely about a church and immediately decided to find this place. Our trip to the monastery was quite interesting: the road was steep uphill and we had to go through a fairly long cut through tunnel cut through a mountain. This tunnel was so dark that we had to go back to the hotel for a flashlight. Finally we climbed the mountain, and we opened a picturesque view of the monastery complex. It turned out that the monastery has a rich history and is under state protection as a cultural and historical monument.

At the beginning of the XVIII century Serbian King Stephen decided to build a church of the Dormition of the Mother of God, which later became part of the monastery complex.
During the XVII century the monastery experienced a number of devastating attacks by the Turks; and in 1812 was sacked by the French.  The strongest earthquake in 1979 severely damaged the structure of the monastery.  However, the restored church of the Dormition still keeps wall frescoes of the XVIII century. There is also a gift from Russia – a pretty large icon of the Mother of god of the XVII century in silver riza.

The services are offered three times a day - at 6 in the morning, at 8 am and 6 pm. That day we came just in time for the beginning of the liturgy. Services are served in the Serbian language, but all the hymns are sung in Slavonic, so it was familiar and understandable.
Closer to the end of the service some monks approached the familiar parishioners, warmly embracing them and exchanging greetings.

Immediately after the service monks flocked with joy to a large table in the open air at the entrance to the monastic cells. Here, with undisguised pleasure brothers began their morning meal with a bottle of traditional Montenegrin rakia (rakia – is a kind of home-brewed grape or fruit vodka, but stronger –  40% - 45%).
We also had a joyful feeling because of a new sunny day in this beautiful place and because of an overall kind atmosphere in the monastery.